Consolidated Turbine Services

Locally available field service for the Middle East

With Consolidated Turbine Services we can help you service, maintain and trouble shoot your Flender Graffenstaden Gearboxes from out base in Dubai. Conveniently located at a major international hub, we can mobilize quickly and efficiently to any Arabian Gulf country, ensuring you have timely and cost effective support for your equipment.

Inspection and Overhaul

- Visual check of each part
- Dimensional checks
- Clearance Checks
- Re-assembly of the gearbox to Flender-Graffenstaden design standards. Blue contact tooth pattern check, documented and recorded for future evaluation

Flender Service Team

- Technical engineering and Field Gear Specialists
- Available throught the world
- Highly experienced to increase the reliability and performance of your geared equipment

Repair and Revanmping

- Increase power rating
- Provide life cycle extension
- Reduce power losses
- Increase reliability and availability
- Modernize, improve efficiency and power consumption
- Renovation and upgrading
- Drop in replacement of gearbox from competitor through reversed engineering
- Design replacement

Installation & commissioninning assitance

- Installation check
- Leveling check
- Contact pattern check
- Alignment Verification


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